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About languages :

The Art of Mastering Many Languages

You think that learning one language is hard enough and lets not even mention two! Learn more about people that have mastered up to 90 different langues (and why you and I will never go this far).

(in English)



 Amazing Map of All of America’s Dialects

In one state, accents can be very different, what about the whole country? Thousands of different ways to pronounce a single word in just one map!

(in English)



Bilingual babies

Yup, babies have a brain and yes the earlier they can learn different languages the better! Learn more about babies that grow up in a bicultural environment and how the mechanism works.

(in English)



About intercultural issues:


What does it mean to be polite?

To understand where does the word “polite” come from and why everything that is “polite” or “rude” can be explained by our cultural history.

(in English)




Jean Dujardin’s “F” word at the Oscars

Why Jean Dujardin “f” word during the Oscar ceremony can shock the United States (and cost a great deal of money to American channels as well).

(in French)

How are French people perceived abroad?

Find out more about the main French stereotypes from French baguette to unshaved armpits and strikes. Somehow, they do not seem to agree.

(in French)


About automatic translation:



Instantaneous translation progress

True story: an app that would translate right away a phone conversation or two people talking in the same room!

(in French)



Tips for translators:

A great insight into today automatic translation: definition, origins, possibilities vs reality, differences between AT systems, profitability, obstacles, expectations…

(in Spanish)



and to end with a flourish, a funny video on different types of Spanish all over the world :


And an extra:


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